Cricut Knife Blade for the Cricut Maker – Materials FAQ

See the source imageThe long awaited knife blade has been released and can be ordered online or if you’re lucky found in stores!

First questions we have seen relate to ok, now?what can I cut?!?!

Check the list below for the correct types of wood, leather, etc. to purchase to put your blade to work!

The Knife Blade can cut the following materials.

Click the links below to learn more about cutting different materials with the Knife Blade.

  • Balsa wood
    • 1/32″
    • 1/16″
    • 3/32″
  • Basswood
    • 1/32″
    • 1/16″
  • Cricut Chipboard
  • Craft Foam
    • 1.5mm
    • 2mm
    • 3mm
  • Leather
    • Garment Leather, Soft 2-3 oz.
    • Garment Leather, Soft 4-5 oz.
    • Tooling Calf Leather, Stiff 2-3 oz.
    • Tooling Calf Leather, Stiff 4-5 oz.
    • Tooling Calf Leather, Stiff 6-7 oz.
  • Mat board
    • 2 ply
    • 4 ply

Cricut has a full FAQ on the Knife Blade right here.