Difference between Cricut Design Space on the different platforms Windows, Mac OSX, iOS and Android

Cricut Design Space is now available on all major platforms – Windows (8 and upwards are supported – but Windows 7 does work), Mac OS X, iOS for iPod and iPad and finally Android (5.1 – Lollipop or higher).

Chromebooks are not supported but there is a way to run Cricut Design Space on later version Chromebooks.  The latest versions of ChromeOS give you access to the Google Play store which allows you to run Android apps.  Using this you can download and run the Android version of the app on your Chromebook!  See here for more information.

With the different versions, there are different levels of complexity.  The Windows and Mac versions offer the full experience.  The iOS version has most of the Design Space functionality whereas the Android has somewhat limited functionality.

Cricut has a good support document that details the major differences between the platforms – Design Space Features Comparison