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Cricut Design Space install additional fonts on Chromebook ChromeOS

To access new fonts on the Chromebook/ChromeOS the process is a little more convoluted than the Windows or iOS devices! See the article here for details on how you can add fonts to the Chromebook  ChromeOS that should be made … Continue reading

Cricut Design Space on Chromebook or ChromeOS

First of all, let’s start out and state that Chromebooks are not a supported platform for Cricut Design Space.  However, there is a way, with some caveats, that you can run Cricut Design Space via the Android app. See the article … Continue reading

Difference between Cricut Design Space on the different platforms Windows, Mac OSX, iOS and Android

Cricut Design Space is now available on all major platforms – Windows (8 and upwards are supported – but Windows 7 does work), Mac OS X, iOS for iPod and iPad and finally Android (5.1 – Lollipop or higher). Chromebooks … Continue reading

Cricut Explore models – What is the difference?

Check the handy comparison table on the Cricut support site here for more information!  

Ultimate Font Guide – installing and using fonts

For the best information on installing and using fonts across all of your devices and applications check out the ultimate guide from Creative Fabrica! Also, check out this AWESOME resource for commercially licensed free fonts! The Ultimate Font Guide

Cricut Lingo

Jumping into the Cricut world can be fraught with questions, frustrations and having to learn the Cricut lingo!   The following is a quick start guide to some of the ‘technical’ terms people use when talking about Cricut, Design Space … Continue reading

Viewing SVG Files

Want to view your SVG files that you?spend all that time downloading? Windows doesn’t have native support to display SVG thumbnails or SVG images within the preview pane in File Explorer. Luckily you can download and install a program that … Continue reading

Installing new fonts on your iPad / iPhone Design Space

If you want to install new fonts to use in your apps on your iOS devices this has now been made possible via an app called AnyFont Installing more fonts will increase your compatibility with other documents and presentations that … Continue reading