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Ultimate Font Guide – installing and using fonts

For the best information on installing and using fonts across all of your devices and applications check out the ultimate guide from Creative Fabrica! Also, check out this AWESOME resource for commercially licensed free fonts! The Ultimate Font Guide

Installing fonts on Windows and Mac computers

You can buy fonts, download fonts for free via sites like dafont.com but once you have the file downloaded (they usually download as a ZIP file) you will need to install the font into your system so your design software … Continue reading

Installing new fonts on your iPad / iPhone Design Space

If you want to install new fonts to use in your apps on your iOS devices this has now been made possible via an app called AnyFont Installing more fonts will increase your compatibility with other documents and presentations that … Continue reading

Print or visualize your font list

As a designer you have probably acquired hundreds of fonts over time. ?Sometimes you need to visualize those fonts to be able to see how they will fit into a particular design. There is a website that allows you to … Continue reading

How to match fonts

So you see a custom design on someone’s blog, website or online store and want to recreate the look. ?Images are easy to find but the common question ALWAYS asked is: ‘What font is that?’ Well there are a number … Continue reading